Pivoting - Issue #30: Chef's Table, Life Without Meaning, and a few other interesting things 🤔

Wow. This marks issue #30 of Pivoting. A sincere thanks to those that have been following from the st
February 20 - Issue #30


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Wow. This marks issue #30 of Pivoting. A sincere thanks to those that have been following from the start. The weekly routine of putting together and sending out Pivoting has been a challenging, and very much rewarding experience. As I left my former job at Automattic back in August last year, I went from a company of 400 people to just one. That’s a truly lonely transition. But knowing that I had several thousand people to stay in touch with each week made it infinitely easier.
Here I’ve been able to share the articles I’d offer used to share with colleagues. Here I’ve been able to give my thoughts on various topics that would have previously been given over dinner or drinks on meetups with my team. Here I have something special, and I thank you again for making it all possible.
So, what happened over the last week? 🤔

Chef's Table - Season 3 | Official Trailer
AI will make life meaningless, Elon Musk warns
Elon Musk Is Really Boring
Reflecting on one very, very strange year at Uber — Susan J. Fowler
How Silicon Valley Is Trying to Hack Its Way Into a Longer Life | Time.com
Apple joins Wireless Power Consortium/Qi, lending weight to rumor of wireless charging for iPhone 8 | 9to5Mac
One Reason Staffers Quit Google's Car Project? The Company Paid Them So Much
Uber Hires Veteran NASA Engineer to Develop Flying Cars
Best Buy is closing nearly half its Oculus VR demo stations, reportedly due to slow performance - The Verge
A Lone Data Whiz Is Fighting Airbnb — and Winning
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