Pivoting by Bryce - Issue #22: Facebook in China, Myanmar on the internet and the Medallion Fund 🥇

There is no shortage of news at the moment. Both real and fake, interesting and boring, uplifting and
November 28 - Issue #22


Technology, Startups & the Future. I'm lucky when it comes to finding amazing content written by others and want to share that luck with you. Find me at http://twitter.com/bryceadams 💖

There is no shortage of news at the moment. Both real and fake, interesting and boring, uplifting and depressing. You’d think that would make putting together this newsletter easier - but some weeks its a real struggle to find enough material worthy of your inbox!
This was not one of those weeks. A couple handfuls of amazing content is waiting for you just below :)
Before I let you get reading, just a note that I almost certainly won’t be sending an issue next week, as I’ll be in Philadelphia for WordCamp US showing Metorik off to old and new friends, and in the air for 30% of the week because that’s the price I pay for living in Australia.

Facebook Said to Create Censorship Tool to Get Back Into China
This Is What Happens When Millions Of People Suddenly Get The Internet
Inside a Moneymaking Machine Like No Other
The untold story of Vergence, the startup focused on 'superpowers' that Snapchat is betting its future on
Google's Travel Business Is Already Twice the Size of Expedia's
We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here's What We Learned
Inside a Fake News Sausage Factory: ‘This Is All About Income’
Shopify real-time orders
See you in a couple weeks!
Or maybe next week, but probably not, but maybe!
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