Pivoting by Bryce - Issue #21: Hacker House, iPhones Made in the USA and a Top Secret NYC Building 🏙

Hello! 👋 Sorry for the lack of Pivoting last week, but there's something magical about this issue - #
November 21 - Issue #21


Technology, Startups & the Future. I'm lucky when it comes to finding amazing content written by others and want to share that luck with you. Find me at http://twitter.com/bryceadams 💖

Hello! 👋 Sorry for the lack of Pivoting last week, but there’s something magical about this issue - #21 - being sent on November 21. And also I just didn’t get to it - but the first excuse sounds better! 🎉
Summer’s arriving in Melbourne (it’s hot 😓) and I’m truly exhausted with all the work I’ve been doing launching Metorik, so today’s going to be relatively short with little commentary from me, but the articles are good, so please give them a read!

Hacker house blues: My life with 12 programmers, 2 rooms and one 21st-century dream
The NSA’s Spy Hub in New York, Hidden in Plain Sight
Exclusive: Apple could make iPhones in US in future
The Unfinished Story of how Snap(chat) Spectacles’ is Executing the Best Marketing Campaign in History
The man who created a tiny country he can no longer enter
America has never had so much TV, and even Hollywood is overwhelmed
This researcher programmed bots to fight racism on Twitter. It worked.
A world without work is coming – it could be utopia or it could be hell
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