Pivoting by Bryce - Issue #16: Meerkat's new app and we're all going to Mars 👽

Hello everyone! After several months of Pivoting, last week was the first that I missed. I'm sorry fo
October 3 - Issue #16


Technology, Startups & the Future. I'm lucky when it comes to finding amazing content written by others and want to share that luck with you. Find me at http://twitter.com/bryceadams 💖

Hello everyone! After several months of Pivoting, last week was the first that I missed. I’m sorry for that, but as the launch of Metorik gets closer, the free time I have to put together Pivoting gets smaller.
But anyway, I’m here now - in your inbox - so let’s get started!

Meerkat built a new app in secret, and almost 1 million people are using it
How Elon Musk Plans to Go to Mars
Elon Musk’s proposed spaceship could send 100 people to Mars in 80 days
29-Year-Old Gamer Leaves Sony Behind to Bring Eye-Tracking to Virtual Reality
Google keeps ex-Googlers close by investing in their startups
Spotify's 40 Million Tunes Won't Go Far With CD-Happy Japanese
How to get a Tesla (TSLA) for cheap: use car-sharing networks like Turo and Getaround to pay for it
Goldman's Libya Salesman Was a Little Too Good
Building in silence
Until next time...
Thanks for making it to the end! Hopefully I’ll get one together for next week if the content and time is there. Until then, have a great week and I’ll be back in your inbox soon!
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