Pivoting by Bryce - Issue #12 (GIFs, Aliens & Frank Ocean) 🚀

Good morning, afternoon and evening :) This is going to be a short one as I've been unbelievably busy
August 31 - Issue #12


Technology, Startups & the Future. I'm lucky when it comes to finding amazing content written by others and want to share that luck with you. Find me at http://twitter.com/bryceadams 💖

Good morning, afternoon and evening :) This is going to be a short one as I’ve been unbelievably busy the past week. Why? Well, I’ve been figuring out everything relating to my new project. I suppose I should tell you what it is. Just scroll down a little bit…

Introducing Metorik
I’d like to introduce you to Metorik. If you’ve ever used or heard of WooCommerce, I think you’ll find it pretty interesting. Metorik is an all-in-one analytics tool built just for WooCommerce. It’s in development and there should be something to see within the next month, so sign up there to receive info about the beta + launch!
How a GIF of Aly Raisman's Floor Routine Got Me Permanently Banned From Twitter
Aliens in Orbit? Probably Not. $100K on a Kickstarter to Check? Oh, Sure
Frank Ocean's Album Is the Straw that Broke Universal Music's Back
Facebook Reduces Human Involvement in Selection of Trending Topics
Like. Flirt. Ghost: A Journey Into the Social Media Lives of Teens
Nasa just made all its research available online for free
New Tesla Model S P100D
Respondable: Write Better Emails with Boomerang for Gmail
Until next time...
As always, farewell and I’ll see you next week! Or not. I’m not sure as I’ve really been so busy, but I’ll do my best. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter by hitting the big image below 😇🙏😍
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